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My favourite skincare 2014

This post will be long because I will post all the best products for me for this year. Yeah, all of them are skincare and hair products. I didn't buy many make up product this year. This year I have problem with my skin. It's started with my moving from Europe to Bandung, I felt that my skin became drier, my pores getting bigger, and my tone getting darker. I also found some dark spots, wrinkle, and acne. The worst thing was my face grew some hair, yeah, they can't be seen from picture, but they make my pores bigger. I hate them. 

1. Hada Labo Sirojyun Lotion
 I really love this lotion. I only use it at the night because it makes my face looks wet. But don't say the effect after using it. It makes my face smooth. I really love the effect. My friends said that my face getting brighten. Yeah, it may because of this product. I really love it. Plus it's really economical, I use one 100ml bottle for more than 6 months. OMG. 

2. Hada Labo Sirojyun Essence
This is another series of Hada Labo Sirojyun. This product is really effective for my acne scars. It also brighten my dark spot. I just used it in the night. After one week, I can see the result, my dark acne scars getting fade.

3. Corine de Farme Splendid Anti Ageing Serum
This is the most pricey beauty product that I've ever bought. Yeah it costs more than IDR 200,000 (USD 20). It works really good for me. It makes my face smooth and it helps my face getting its colour. Before, I used Hada Labo and I thought that my face is too white. White but not healthy. My skin tone is yellow and I want my face more brighten, not white. And after I use it in the day while I use Hada Labo in the night, my face come back to its natural colour. Not as dark as before, but more brightening. I love it.  

4. Acnes Point Clear
I use it to prevent acne on my face. If I see some red spot on my face, directly I use this product. It gives cold effect on the redness. Actually I also use it for small acne and yes it works. When I use this product at the night before sleep, in the morning, the acne become dry. 

5. Clean & Clear Active Clear Speed Clearing Acne Gel
I use this product for big acne. It works really good on the dry skin. It doesn't give good effect on the oily skin. Yeah, it's quite tricky to use it. But in dry skin, it work really good and don't leave dark scars in the acne's area. 

6. Dead Sea Foot Cream
I bought this product in Poland. It's without paraben and parfume. It's quite cheap. I just spent less than IDR 50,000 (USD 5) for this product. It's also really effective for my dry foot. Sadly, I can not find this product in Indonesia.

7. The Body Shop Lip Conditioner
Yeah, this is my lip conditioner right now. This product contains marijuana. I don't know whether it's available in The Body Shop Indonesia or not. This marijuana line is a product from TBS to cope the cold wheather. I don't have  problem with dry lips anymore even in the temperature -17 degree celcius. Sadly, it doesn't contain UV filter. So I need to wear SPF lipstick. 

8. Shinzui Body Scrub Kirei
Yeah my favourite body scrub. It smells good and lightens my body. It also prevent dry skin. I use it almost everyday. Moreover, it's really cheap.

9. The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream 
Sorry because I forgot to take the picture, but I just have the sample. I got this BB cream sample from the TBS shop. This BB cream doesn't make my skin break out. It help me cover some dark spot on my face. Sadly, it's so pricey for BB cream that I have to wait before buy it.

Okey, that's all of my favourite product in this year. I hope that I can review more make up product for the coming year. Yeah, as you know, I made this blog as a place for me to learn about skincare, haircare, and make up things. If I review make up things, then I already learn how to put some make up on me. I hope that I can be as beautiful as many beauty blogger after put make up by self. ;)


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