[Review] Shinzui Ume Skin Lightening Body Scrub Adzuki Beans Iseiya

Hello pretty ladies, 

Now, I will review a new product from Shinzui. Yes, yes, yes, it's their body scrub. As you may know, I have used Shinzui Body Scrub since 4 years ago and still love it. Now, let's jump into their new variant. They claim that this product is a good skin lightening because contain Adzuki Beans that has great function for smoothing and hydrating skin.

Shinzui Skin Lightening Body Scrub Adzuki Beans Iseiya

Similar with other Shinzui products, it contains Herba Matsu Oil and Sakura Extract. Herba Matsu Oil helps lightening skin. It also helps moisten skin. Sakura Extract helps skin regeneration to avoid skin getting darker. It helps skin looks fresh and healthy. 


Different with the other Shinzui variants, this Ume variant has cute packaging. It has playful color. The jar is very beautiful. I have plan to collect all the jar color and use them as a place for my small accessories collections.  It has plastic cap inside the jar. It only contains 100 g product. 


Actually, at first I was quite doubt with this product. I thought that it would be like Lulur Bali (Traditional Balinese Body Scrub) that doesn't have granules so I thought that it would be quite difficult to remove the the dead skin cells, but it turn out well. Although doesn't have big granules, this product works really good. 

Before and after application.

You can see in the picture above that the white cream getting darker after I applied that scrub onto my skin. I know that it is quite disgusting picture but I think I have to show you, who are in doubt of this product, that this product is great. 


How to use : 
Applied this product on dry skin. Massage gently. Rinse with water. 
In the jar, I read that we can use it on dry or wet skin. I had already tried on my wet skin and it turned out bad. I couldn't able doing scrubbing because my skin getting slippery. Best application is on the dry skin before taking a bath. 

Before and after using the product

Result : 
Super love this product. It works as its claims, lightening and smoothing my skin. I just notice that my skin getting smooth and healthy. The scent is also good although I still love the previous Shinsui variant's scent more. It's also quite a cheap product. Yes, I will repurchase this product. 

What I like : 
- Work great : Lightening, smoothing, and removing dead skin cells.
- Cute packaging.
- Quite cheap.

What I don't like : 
- None.

Recommended : Yes.

Score : 9/10


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