[Review] Mustika Ratu Hair Care and Experienced of Hair Damage Because of Silica

Hi Girls, have you ever experienced your hair damaged because of shampoo? Yes I have. Few months ago, I tried new shampoo and conditioner, you can read here, and the result, my hair has split hair and drier. After searching some blogs about it , I found out that they contain silica. Silica gave result my hair became straight and smooth at the first two weeks, but then, my hair became dry and drier. Based on my searching, it says that silica covers and protect the hair, but also cover the scalp and prevent nutrient to enter the scalp. 

After my hair damaged, I tried to use baby shampoo. My hair became more dry and dull using the baby shampoo. Yeah, no wonder, I used strong chemical shampoo before and then limited chemical ingredient in baby shampoo. My hair became more drier and dull. At that time, I really hate my hair. 

I gave up on baby shampoo. I tried some natural shampoo, and I chose Mustika Ratu hair care. Mustika Ratu is an Indonesian brand that has long history in beauty industry. They claim that their product are based on traditional prescription used by Javanese princesses. Javanese princesses are well known for their beauty. I tried this product and had high hope that it would solve my hair problem. 

Mustika Ratu Hair Care Product

Mustika Ratu hair care product that I use are minyak cem-ceman (hair oil), shampoo daun waru (hibiscus leaf shampoo), dan bilasan santan (coconut milk conditioner). Actually, there is one left, hair tonic, but because I already use hair tonic from another brand, I didn't buy the Mustika Ratu hair tonic product.

To make it easy, I will review the products one by one. It's also because each product has different functions and effects.

1. Mustika Ratu Cem-ceman Hair Oil
This Mustika Ratu hair oil is different from another hair oil. If you usually use hair oil after shampooing, you should apply this Mustika Ratu hair oil one hour or a night before shampooing. That's why it's called cem-ceman. Its function are to shine your hair the true color of your hair. Yes, because it's made for Indonesian women, it's used for black hair. I don't know about its effect for blonde, brown, brunette, or other hair colours.

This product is made of coconut oil, traditionally processed with special natural herbal to shine your hair, help preventing grey hair from growth,  and strengthening hair root to prevent broken hair/hair loss. Again, it may just for people with black hair. If you have another hair colour, you should contact the company. They will respond your questions. I've done it before asking about another Mustika Ratu product.

 Mustika Ratu Cem-ceman

 The bottle is made from plastic that make it travel friendly. I really like the green color and picture on the bottle. It looks fresh. Each bottle contains 175 ml hair oil. Sadly, because it's oil, sometimes, I found the oil run outside the bottle that make the bottle become sticky. Yeah, I don't know that because I don't close the bottle perfectly or because my hands are oily after applying the product onto my hair. I don't know, but yeah, the bottle is sticky and oily. Mustika Ratu should redesign the bottle. I think pump bottle is better to avoid oily hand close the bottle and make the bottle oily.

Its consistency

The consistency of the product is oily (of course, it's oil, right?). It has green color. It doesn't have strong scent. It feels sticky while you applying on your hair. I usually wash my hands right after applying this product onto my hair.

 Its functions and ingredients

How to use :
Apply on hair and scalp one hour before shampooing or at night before bed.

Result :
I usually apply this product one hour before shampooing because I don't really like sleeping with oily hair.
 Before I use this product, I see that my hair became dull and has red hint in some area because of the sun. It's difficult for me to protect my hair from the sun because I don't like wearing hat. After using this product, I found that my hair become black and shining. :) Yup, actually, I can see few grey hairs, but I don't know that because of stress or this product doesn't work on my grey hair. Fyi, right now I'm still doing my thesis and sometimes it stresses me out.

What I like :
- It shine my hair color as my true hair color
- Natural ingredients

What I don't like :
- The bottle, sometimes it's sticky and oily

Repurchase :
Absolutely yes. I don't know other companies that have this kind of product.

Price :
Around IDR 20,000 (USD 2)

2. Mustika Ratu Shampoo 2in1 Daun Waru (Hibiscus Leaf Shampoo)
Mustika Ratu Shampoo Daun Waru is for dry and brittle hair treatment. This shampoo contains extraxt of Hibiscus and Phantenol to helps repair the dry damaged and brittle hair, keeps revive your hair's shine.

 Mustika Ratu Shampoo Daun Waru

 The package is same with the hair oil (cem-ceman) minus the oily feeling while you touching it. The only different is the picture on it. One bottle also contain 175 ml shampoo.

Its consistency

The shampoo has gel texture with green color. It's easy to mix with water. This shampoo doesn't have many foam. It has strong scent of leaf, but it doesn't disturb me at all. I even love the smell. First, when I apply the shampoo on my hair, I feel it's a little bit make my hair coarse, but after shampooing, it turn out better.

Its ingredients

How to use :
Use it as usual as other shampoos. Wash your hair, then applying this shampoo (after mix it with water) on your hair and scalp. Then, clean your hair with water.

Result :
It cleans my hair. Hehehhe... Yes, my hair is not as dry as before. But I wouldn't recommend this shampoo for single using only. If you just use this shampoo, without conditioner, I feel that my hair is not smooth. I don't know why. Maybe because it's natural and doesn't many chemical things that have smooth effect. I don't know.
But if you use it with conditioner, it will turn out very well.

What I like :
- Natural ingredients
- Solve my dry hair problem
- The leaf scent

What I don't like :
- The rough effect for single use. Applying conditioner afterward is a must.

Recommend :
Yes, if you're looking for nature based shampoo.

Price :
Around IDR 10,000 (USD 1)

3. Mustika Ratu Bilasan Santan (Coconut Milk Hair Conditioner)
The last product is the hair conditioner. It made from coconut milk with lime fragrance and vitamin E to nourish and moisture your hair. Makes your hair smoother, easily combed, keep healthy, and shiny.

Mustika Ratu Bilasan Santan

The package is plastick tube with white colour. It's quite big and contains 175 ml conditioner. Although it's quite big, it's still travel friendly.

Its consistency

Its consistency is cream with yellow colour. Its smell like lime. Because the consistency is too solid, I feel that I lavishly use this conditioner. I use two tube conditioner for one bottle shampoo and hair oil. After applying, it gives smooth sensation on my hair.

Its ingredients

How to use :
Apply it to wet hair after shampooing then rinse off thoroughly.

Result :
Yeah, it really works. My hair become smooth after I use this conditioner. Love it.

What I like :
- The lime scent
- Make my hair smoother

What I don't like :
- Nothing

Recommended :
Yes, if you want your hair smoother.

Price :
Around IDR 10,000 (USD 1)

As I said before, I use all this products to treat my hair after using silica product. Yeah it works. My hair getting healthy, smooth, and shiny. Not as healthy as I want actually, but my hair is recover from its problems. I love it. I have used this product for two months. Maybe if I use this product for more long time, I will get the best result.

If I have to rank this 3 products from the best one, it would be :
1. Mustika Ratu Cem-ceman (hair oil), because it's the only one cem-ceman product. And, it works!
2. Mustika Ratu Bilasan Santan (conditioner), because it make my hair smoother.
3. Mustika Ratu Shampoo Daun Waru, because it make my hair rough if I use it without conditioner.

That's my experience with Mustika Ratu hair care to treat my 'after silica product' hair. If you have same experience either with silica product or Mustika Ratu hair care, you can share on comment.


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