[Review] Marina UV White Extra SPF 30 Body Essence

Dear my fellow blogger, for this review, I will post about my favourite hand and body lotion. Yeeayaaiii.....

Recently, I'm looking for hand and body product to solve my dry skin problem. The ultimate criterion is of course, UV Filter. I live in tropical climate's country, remember. The other criteria are make my skin smooth, lightening/whitening, and even better if my dull skin's never come back. Hahahhahaha.... *evil laugh

 Marina Body Essence

While I was window shopping in one nearby mall, I saw this Marina Body Essence in one shelf. The colour was so tempting. I love the orange colour on it. Looks fresh and fruity. Then, I took this product. Beforehand, I have used another Marina Hand and Body Lotion product, Marina Total Care Youthful, and as I'm quite satisfied with that product, I wanted to give this new product a try. 

It claims that this Marina Body Essence has many active ingredients. They're formulated can absorb easily in to the skin. This body essence effect is more active than an body lotion. 

The ingredients

This product claims that help skin has its ideal whitening without darkspots as it contains 10x white yogurt boost that nourishes skin and to lighten the skin. This product also says that it prevent the dark skin to come back as it has SPF 30 to protect skin from UV B and PA++ to protect skin from UV A. Superfruit and Acai Berry in this product have antioxidant effect. 

Marina Body Essence Package

I like the package of this product. This product's not made from stiff plastic, so that the essence is easily come out, even when it almost run out. 

Texture of the essence

The most favourite thing from this product is the scent. It smells like fresh and sour fruits. Yeah, the smells of yogurt. Very yummii... Unluckily, the scent is just last 2-3 hours. Sometimes, I spread this essence again after 3 hours to get the scent. Love it so much. 

The texture of this essence is quite light, has white color and not sticky at all. I think that this essence is water based. Sometimes, I found some hand and body lotion with oily sensation. But, this essence doesn't give the oily sensation. That's why I like it so much.

Before and after

How about the result on my skin?
After using this new product from Marina for two weeks in the morning on my foot, I don't see any improvement in lightening. Maybe I have to wait some time and use it regularly to get the whitening effect. Yeah, but my skin's smoother. I know you can not see the smoother effect in the picture, but believe me. Although it doesn't lighten my skin, but it gIve effect that it doesn't darken my skin. Yep, I usually wear slipper and it gave sun burning effect on my skin. After I use this product, my skin doesn't get darker. So I think that the both UV protections in this product are  work well.
(In the picture, the different in color is because of the different lighting. I took the 'after' picture in the cloudy weather so the picture looks darker, but in fact is not.)

What I like :
- The scent
- SPF 30, PA++, and antioxidants
- Light texture
- Cheap (around IDR 20,000 or USD 2)

What I don't like :  
- The scent is just last 2-3 hours

Repurchase :

For more information, you can check the website www.sahabatmarina.com.


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