[Review] Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti-Loss Guard

Hi girls, 

Now, I will talk about the savior of my hair loss problem. Actually, this product is one of the cheapest one. There are plenty of expensive hair loss product. Yes, I chose this product because of its price. Hahahaha... I also read some good reviews about it. 

Lets jump to the product, Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti-Loss Guard. 
Garnier Neril Hair Tonic Anti-Loss Guard

It says on the package that it contains selected plants concentrate to help reduce falling hair caused by undernousrishment and scalp imbalances. It cares for both your hair and scalp. It helps your hair become healthy strong and beautiful. 

The package

The package has box outside. Its bottle made from thick plastics in brown color. It's doesn't weight a lot. it also has small hole on top of the bottle. It's quite enough to let the liquid go. The lid is dense enough to prevent the liquid spill outside.   


It contains selected plant concentrates of nettle, chamomile, birch, wheat extract, and horsetail especially selected to protect and maintain the capillary network, which is essential for hair growth. Together with vitamin complex, protein and menthol, this concentrate work to nourish and strengthen the stressed and worn-out hair root, so that hair grows healthy again. 

The Consistency

The consistency of the hair tonic is liquid with blue color. It has quite strong scents. I'm not quite sure this is the smell of alcohol or menthol. The scent is fresh I think. 

How to use : 
Simply massage Garnier Neril Anti-Loss Guard into the scalp everyday for 3 minutes. It can be applied both on wet and dry hair. Continue the treatment minimum 2 or 3 times a week to prevent the problem from recurring. 

Result :
Yup, I got the best result after one month using it. My hair loss problem was resolved. Unluckily, the problem  comes back after I stop using it. While I was using it, my hair was healthier. I could feel that. I think to get the better result, you should using it constantly. 

What I like : 
- Cheap.
- It works as what it claims.

Wat I don't like : 
- It just works as long as I using it. I feel like my hair addicted to it. 

Price : around IDR 50,000 (USD 5) for 100 ml.
Repurchase : Maybe. I want to try other hair tonic.

I have read somewhere, that you should wash your hand after applying hair tonic, because if there is residue of hair tonic in your hand and you touch your face, you can grow your face hair. :)

I also read the different between hair loss and hair fall. Hair loss means that the problem is from the hair root. Your hair leaves because the root is undernourishment. In the contrary, If you have hair fall problem, it means that your hair doesn't strong enough and broke off in the middle of the hair. So girls, pay attention to your problem and search for the best solution. 


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  1. I think it addicted as you said because of everyday you do not consume the nutrition for your hair, so if you stop using it, your hair will back to used to be. Just my brief opinion


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