[Review] Corine de Farme Iluminating Hydrating Care

Hello fellas, 

I've posted about my other Corine de Farme here.

Now, lets jump to Corine de Farme Iluminating Hydrating Care. Corine de Farme is a high end brand based in France that has nature ingredients for skin. After realizing that my first Corine de Farme product was for mature age, I got my hand on Corine de Farme Iluminating Hydrating Care. 95% of this product is natural origin. I think that this product is suitable for my dry skin. How about its performa? 

Corine de Farme Iluminating Hydrating Care

It says that this product is a source of brightness. It has anti oxidant complex made with lychee, white tea and cranberry pips, it soothes skin, brightens and protect it from ageing by fighting against external influences (UV, pollution). Enriched with vegetable glycerine and camelia oil, it gives skin long-lasting hydration. Its gentle, rich formula absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy film. It forms a great base for perfect dose of care every time.
Leaves  skin smooth and more luminous, evens skin tone and brightens

This product has protection and prevention effect : 
- Prevent skin ageing caused by UV.
- Strengthened free anti-radical action.
- 24 hour hydration. 

This product also has proven effectiveness (tested on 64 women after 4 weeks use): 
- Skin more luminous, brighter : 86%.
- Skin is smoother : 89%.
- Complexion is more even : 75%.
- Skin is de-stresses : 73%.
- Skin is more supple : 92%
- Skin is relaxed : 73%.

Its ingredients

How to use : 
Apply carefully morning and night to face, neck, and eye area. Apply in thick layer and gently massage. Finish by smoothing from bottom to top face with fingertips. 

The cream after absorbing

I am sorry that I completely forgot to take the picture of the cream. It has white color. The consistency is more lightweight than the serum. It's very lightweight. The scent is flowery fresh. I like the scent very much. Yes, it doesn't create greasy film on my face after using it.

Result :
The best of this product is smooth and supple effect. Super love it. It also make my skin smoother. For luminous and even complexion, wow, I don't know, just a little maybe. I don't see many different before and after using this product. But I'm willing to buy this product again for this smooth and supple effect. It make my skin looks healthier. 

What I like : 
- Its effects, especially for smooth and supple.
- Lightweight.
- Natural origin formula.
- Its scent.

What I don't like : 
- Pricey

Price : IDR 175,000 (USD 12)
Repurchase : Yes maybe.
Score : 8/10


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