[Review] Corine de Farme Splendid Anti-Ageing Serum

Now, I will review my special product. This is special because this product help me to maintain my skin colour. Yep, now, I use whitening product from another brand and it turns out my face became very white. White but not healthy. After I use this product, my skin colour become normal, yellow. My natural skin color is yellow. That's why I really love this product. 

Corine de Farme

In the package, it says that this product is for mature skin. Its functions are anti-wrinkle, refreshes and smoothes. It's been created with purified extracts of plants and flowers to bring their natural benefits to the skin. Formulated with 97% ingredients of natural origin. Paraben free, colourant free, and hypoallergenic. 

Its effects are visible reduction of wrinkle in 4 weeks. It helps intense and lasting hydration 8 hours after application. It also effective for sign tiredness, skin looks smoother, more supple, and matte. Leave skin radiant, just like a peach. 

 Its package

Beauty advice : Apply morning and night to the face, neck, and eye area thoroughly cleansed with Corine de Farme products. Apply a generous layer and lightly massage. Finish by smoothing skin upwards with your fingertips. 

 Its claims and ingredients

Okay, let's see, I will comment about the package. Its package is really cute with purple color. It looks elegant and cute. Its bottle also contains pump which make the product more hygienic. Sadly, we can't see inside the bottle, so I don't know how much the product is still inside. 

Corine de Farme on my hand

Result : I just use this product in the morning. I have another night cream for the night. As I said before, it help me maintain my natural skin color. Leave skin radiant like a peach is not a lie. For wrinkle, I don't have any. But it helps me hydrate the eye area. I also love this product because it can be used for face, eye area, and neck. I don't have to buy eye cream. Yep, it give the matte effect as its claim. It also hydrates the skin. And the best part is if you use this cream in the night, you will get the perfect skin in the morning. I mean perfect, your best skin. Even without make up. 

For the product, it's a little bit runny and has white color. It has flower and leaves scent which I love very much. The scent is natural scent. Its scent doesn't disturb me at all. 

What I like : 
- Matte finish.
- Maintain my natural skin color.
- Smell very nice.
- Paraben and colorant free.
- Cute packaging.

What I don't like :
- Pricey (IDR 275.000 for 30 ml).

Recommended : Yes.

Repurchase :
I will try another variant from this brand, Iluminating Skin because I think I still don't need anti wrinkle cream.

Score : 9/10


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