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It's been a long time since the last time I wrote post in my blog. Now, it comes to be hair care review. This product is really hit in Indonesia nowadays. This is HQ7 Hair Milk. They has 4 different variants. Mine is HQ7 Hair Milk Very Berry for Girls. I bought this product because it contains argan oil that is good for hair. It's quite difficult to find argan oil product in Indonesia. I chose the very berry variant because I hope that it'll give my hair fresh scent.

HQ7 Hair Milk Very Berry

 It said on the package that it's a daily nutrient and protection. New innovation HQ Hair Milk (for girls) for daily hair nutrient and protection. The 7 active ingredients formulation protects and keeps hair soft, smooth, healthy, and strong. It said that this product is dermatology tested, tested by Dermascan Asia and supervised by Dermascan France. Although I don't really understand what the use of it. Maybe this product won't cause any allergy for sensitive hair (?).

To be clear, I will write the functions of this product :

1. Milk Extract
2. Honey Extract, both milk and honey are nutrients for hair cells, leaving your hair soft, smooth, shiny, and easy to manage.
3. Argan Oil (Liquid Gold) is good for children's hair. Nourishes and keeps your hair healthy.
4. Zinc to prevent the growth of bacteris and excess oil in the scalp. Leaving your hair and scalp fresh all day long.
5. UV Protection to protect your hair from UV radiation.
6. Vitamin E
7. Vitamin B5, both vitamin E and Vitamin B5 to protect and nourish your hair.

Its ingredients

The consistency of this product is liquid like water. It doesn't have colour but the scent is quite sharp. Maybe because its very berry.

 Its consistency

How to use : 
Spray HQ7 Hair Milk evenly over entire damp hair after shampooing, or on dry hair anytime. Comb your hair as usual, no need to rinse. Use daily for gorgeous and healthy hair.

Result :
I've used this product for some months, but I've never used it after shampoing. I always use it on my dry hair. Right after using this product, I can't see the difference with my hair before using it. But, if I leave it some time, yes, my hair became smoother, shinier, look healthy. So, I usually use this product at the night and tomorrow, my hair became really beautiful. I usually shampooing my hair once every two days and my hair kept beautiful until the next shampooing.

Sadly, the result doesn't last forever. After my next shampooing, I found my hair not as beautiful as before. I think, although it said that it nourish my hair, this product is more for beautify your hair instantly. But I don't know, maybe same with skincare, the hair care also take time to see the result. Ah ya, I forgot, it also gave good result in UV Protection effect. Before I use this product, I saw that my hair has red hint because of the sun. Now, may hair is look black without red hint.

 Result on my hair

You can see in the picture that this product made my hair manageable. Can you see the different color of my hair? Yes, the without area has red hint while another is darker. It also solved my frizzy hair problem. And, as its claims, my hair became smooth, shiny, and look healthier while using this product. 

I'm a little bit uncomfortable with the scent. The scent is very strong and sometimes it makes me dizzy. That's why I use it at night. If I feel dizzy, I just can go to sleep. I wrote other reviews of this product, they use this product every time they need and they put this product on their make up pouch. Me, I don't do that because if I do, I will feel dizzy and the scent will mix with my parfume scent. Too  bad. I think the scent is really suitable for teenage girl (of course, it said 'for girls') and not really good for woman.

What I like :
- Really work on my hair

What I don't like :
- The scent, yeah, I've to try other variants.

Price :
Rp 25,000.00 (USD 2) for 50 ml bottle

Repurchase :


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