[Review] The Body Shop Lip Conditioner Weed

Hi girls, 

Now, it will be quick review about my lip conditioner. It's called The Body Shop Lip Conditioner Weed variant. This is really good product. I already repurchase this lip conditioner. Unluckily, it isn't sold in Indonesia. Maybe because it's from weed, the halal is questionable.

 The Body Shop Lip Conditioner

 This variant is really good for very dry skin, especially in the winter season. It said it is an intense moisturizer for dry lips. It's also dermatology tested, so don't worry if you have sensitive lips. 

Actually I don't really know the difference between lip conditioner and lipbalm. I use this product as a lipbalm. I use this everyday before put lipstick on my lips. 

 The product

 I don't see the ingredient in the stick. It consistency is like another lipbalm/lip conditioner product. It doesn't have scent nor color. 

Result : 
After using this product, I don't have problem with dry lips anymore even when I lived in temperature -15 Celcius degree. It saved my lips. 

What I like : 
- Really good for dry lips.

What I don't like : 
- Doesn't have UV protection.
- Not sold in Indonesia.

Price : 
Around USD 6

Repurchase : 
I want try another The Body Shop Lip Conditioner, especially if they have UV protection. 


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