[Battle Review] Watsons Superfruits Moisturising Hand Cream vs. Viva Hand & Nail Cream

In the end of May and now I want to review my two hand cream. I don't know what have happened, but since last year, my hands getting dry and drier. Actually, I don't thought much about my hands until I found out that my cuticle bleeding in some nails. That's why I decided to buy some hand creams. First, I bought Watsons Superfruits Moisturising Hand Cream because of its scent. Yeah, I bought the mangosteen and goji variant. I don't really know about goji, but mangosteen is really hit in Indonesia few months ago. Some people and advertisements said that mangosteen is good for skin. I do hope it works well for my hands. 

The second one, the Viva Hand & Nail Cream, I bought it because many Indonesian beauty blogger said that this product works really well for them. Besides this product is super cheap. It only costs less than USD 1 for 40 gram. Similar with Watsons's product, it's also has fruit extract, melon.

The products

The packages are similar. Of course Watsons's product is bigger because it contains 100 gram product while Viva just contains 40 gram product. Viva is more travel friendly than Watson, but the difference is not really big.

 Watson's Ingredients

 Viva's Ingredients

For the scents, actually it's based on your preference. I like mangosteen more than melon. That's why I prefer the Watsons's product. But, if you like melon, you may love the Viva's. Actually I also like Viva's scent, but not as much as Watsons's mangosteen. :)


For the consistency, you can see in the picture that Viva is more oily while Watsons's is more solid. After applying, you can see that Viva give more greasy effect. For me, I don't really like applying Viva for daily because it make my hands oily, especially if I have to hold cellphone, etc. I'm not comfortable with my greasy hand while touching the my cellphone's screen. I usually applying Viva right before going to bed. I usually use Watsons's for the day. 
Viva's color is white and Watsons's is pink.

Result : 
Both of them made my hand smooth. I don't have dry hands anymore. The Two are work well on my hands and nails, And the more important thing, there is no more bleeding in my nail cuticle. I can't not say which one is the winner. I think Viva is better in the smoothing and hydrating effect. But Watsons's is more comfortable to be used daily because doesn't have greasy effect. It's up to you to choose. :)


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