[Review] Wardah Soft Body Scrub Olive

Hello ladies,

Today is weekend. What treatment that you usually do on the weekend? 
I usually do scrubbing on the weekend. Actually not only on the weekend. I really love scrubbing because after scrubbing, my skin is clean and smooth. I have many body scrub products. I also have lulur, Javanese traditional body scrub. I usually do luluran, doing scrubbing with lulur, everyday. I've used lulur since Junior High School. At that time, I slept with my grandma, and grandma told me that after I used lulur, my body fragrance smelled good. She said that I didn't smell sweaty-teenager fragrance anymore. So, I used to use lulur everyday to scrubbing and to get the fragrance. Hehehehe... 

If everyday I just use lulur that the exfoliate effect is so so. Twice a week I use the body scrub that work really well to remove dirt and dead skin. This product is *drum roll* Wardah Soft Body Scrub. I choose the olive variant because my skin is dry and I need something to moisturize it. After knowing my skin become dry, I changed all of my skin regime included the body scrub.

Wardah Soft Body Scrub with Olive

It claims that this body scrub is gently exfoliates. This soft scrub contains Olive Oil that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, while helping skin to regain its natural moisture balance. This product said that it can bring out softer and more luminous skin. 

Its consistency
This body scrub come in jar. I love the design of the jar. Looks elegant and beautiful. The body scrub's consistency is (how to say it) rough cream. It has soft bead on it. Although it's rough, it doesn't hurt my skin. Sometimes, even I use this product for my face and it turns out fine. 

 Its ingredients

How to use :
Apply over the body and gently massage. Rinse thoroughly. 

Result : 
I really, really love this product. After scrubbing, I could see dirt and dead skin cells dropped as the body scrub changing color into darker. Love it so much. It also doesn't hurt my skin as I doing massaging.

What I like : 
- Its result of course

What I don't like : 

Price : 
IDR 43,000 for 240 ml (USD 3.5)

Repurchase : 
Absolutely yes. I want to try other variants.


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