[Review] L'oreal Smooth Intense One Minute Anti-Frizz Mask

Hi beautiful girls, 

Now, this time review about hair care. You may already know that I have dry and frizzy hair. I bought this product because of its claims as a anti-frizz hair mask. It's also from L'oreal, the well-known brand for its hair care. 

L'oreal Smooth Intense One Minute Anti-Frizz Mask

Smooth Intense is very useful to solve frizzy, coarse, and unmanageable hair. It will make hair four times smoother and no more frizzy hair for 48 hours. You will get your smooth, silky, and beautiful hair everyday. 

  This product is enriched with argan oil to overcame the frizzy hair into silky hair. Thermo-Protect agent help to protect hair from wet effect such as tousled and unmanageable.

 Its packaging

The product come in orange jar. The package is not special. It's similar with other hair mask product. The product has white color. The consistency is cream or maybe a little bit like lotion. The scent is very good, like other L'oreal product. 

Its consistency

How to use :
I usually apply this hair mask after shampoing and using conditioner. I leave this product on my hair. After one minute, I rinse this product. 

Result :
This product work as its claims, but it doesn't last long. My hair will become frizzy again after some days, especially if I am too lazy to wash my hair. Fyi, I don't wash my hair daily, usually once every two days, but sometimes I'm so lazy because the weather is so cold, so I wash my hair more than two days. Hehehehehe.....

Another suggestion from me, If you have another jar, it's better if you put half of this product into that jar. Because as the time goes by, maybe because reaction with oxygen, water, or I don't know, the effect of this product is deteriorate. So, to keep the formula, it's better if you use bottle for daily using and another for keeping half of the product. 

What I like : 
- Work as its claims although not so great

What I don't like : 
-The effect is deteriorate, maybe because I keep it in wrong way.

Price : 
Around IDR 40,000 after discound (USD 3,3)

Repurchase : 


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