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Morning girls,

I've told you before that I use Marina Serum for my daily lotion here. Now, it's time for me to write about my night lotion. Actually this is not some kind of night lotion, it's just usual hand and body lotion. But, because it doesn't clear how much SPF and PA it has, so I use this product as a night lotion. This product is Marina Total Care Youthful. 

Marina Total Care Youthful

I bought this product more than 3 months ago because this product was very cheap. You wouldn't believe it. At that time, I needed some kind of lotion for the night because my skin was so dry and I didn't want to try body butter because they're too sticky. Then I decided to chose a cheap body lotion and this is it, Marina Total Care Youthful. I was really lucky I found this product because this youthful product claims as a total solution to keep youthful and healthy skin.  Actually, there're many variants of Marina products, but I chose this because of its functions and its color. I love the red color. 

The package is unique, similar with other Marina lotion products. The package is made from plastic. This product is also available in many size. You can choose which size is suitable for you. I chose the biggest size because I use this product as a night lotion and I just put this product in my home. If you wanna bring this product for traveling, you can choose the smallest one. 

This product contains pomegranate, collagen, multivitamin, and sunscreen. It also has advanced formula technology Youth Collagen Complex 8M that helps to replenish and and maintain skin's collagen integrity to keep your skin visibly young and retain its elasticity. It claims as a total solution for youthful and supple skin. 

Its functions : 
1. Maintains skin elasticity.
2. Makes dull skin look brighter and healthier.
3. Maintains skin's texture to keep it smooth.
4. Moisturize the skin to keep it fresh.
5. Maintains a radiant and bright looking skin.
6. Meet your wish to keep skin protected from sun's harmful rays.
7. Meet your skin nourished.
8. Makes skin feel firmer. 


 How to use : 
Apply regularly after bathing, and repeat when necessary. 
For best result avoid direct exposure from the sun, even when using a sunscreen containing product. If irritation occurs, discontinue application and consult your doctor. 

a. The consistency; b. after applying the lotion on my hand

Consistency of this lotion is light. Love it so much. I don't feel sticky or greasy after applying this lotion. I think this lotion is water based. I always use this lotion when I feel my skin is dry. The scents is not strong. I'm not disturbed by the scent.

Result : 
I can say that this product is quite promising because Marina brand nowadays is expanding and create some new products for their customers. As long as I use this product, I don't see any allergy or irritation toward this product. I'm fine using this product.  

For the effect on my skin, about maintains skin elasticity, I don't see any effect because I'm still young. I also don't see the brightening effect on my skin. But I can say that this lotion is good for its moisturizing, smoothing and firming effect. Yes, I feel that my skin is nourished enough after using this lotion. 

What I like : 
- Super cheap
 - The lotion is lightweight
- My skin doesn't feel sticky or greasy after applying this product

What I don't like : 
- Doesn't clear how many SPF and PA this product has

Price : 
IDR 19,000 (USD 1.6)

Repurchase : 


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