[Review] Pixy Cleansing Express Brightening

Today, I want to share my holy grail to clean my face every day. I have repurchased this product several times. I also always buy this every month. This product is really popular in Indonesia. Many beauty bloggers rave this product. No wonder, this product is great, cheap and easy to find. This is Pixy Cleansing Express Brightening. 

Pixy Cleansing Express Brightening

This product is a whitening product, but as long as I use it, I don't see the whitening effect. It's okay for me as long as it works well as a cleanser. I can say that it works better than my double cleanser, based on the dirtiness of the facial cotton. It also says that its alcohol free, so it will be good even for dry or sensitive skin. 

The ingredients

Its consistency is like water. I don't smell any scent in this product. Just like the water. 

Its consistency

The result : 
As I can say in the introduction, this product is really great for cleaning face. If you don't wear any make, it's enough if you just this product. But if you put heavy make up, it's better to use make up remover first before use this product to get the advance cleaning. I use this product as my everyday cleansing product in the night and morning. 

Great even for waterproof eye liner

In the picture above, I tried to clean several lipsticks, eye liner, and eye shadow using this product. After several swipes, even, the Maybelline waterproof eyeliner has faded away. But I think for eyes area, it's better using product for eyes. I use the eye liner just to show how great this product is. 

What I like : 
- Cheap.
- Work great.
- Alcohol free. 

What I don't like : 
- Nothing. 

Price : IDR 13,000 (USD 1) for 100 ml.
Repurchase : Absolutely yes.
Score : 9.5/10


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