[Review] L'oreal Extraordinary Oil

Hi gurls, 

It seems quite difficult for me to write the first sentence because you, my readers, might be bored by the usual greeting that same or similar all the time. Sorry, I couldn't think of any other words.

Let's jump into the review. This is quite special because I like this product. Not favorite but we can say that I do recommend this for your beautiful hair. This product is Loreal Extraordinary Oil. 

Loreal Extraordinary Oil

This product come in paper box with elegant design. The bottle inside is made of glass. It's quite heavy but it doesn't matter for me because I like this elegant packaging. 

Its packaging

It says that it is more than regular hair vitamin. It extracted from 6 kind of flower suitable for your hair. It can be used everyday based on its functions : 
1. To shine your hair : you can apply this oil every time even on dry hair.
2. To protect your hair before styling : apply after washing your hair, before using blowdryer or other hair tools. 
3. To give nutrients to your hair : Apply on the half wet hair after washing the hair.

The consistency

The consistency is oily and very thick. I don't really like the consistency. It makes my comb become oily too. I don't really like the scent. Some people said that the scent is elegant but for me, it's too heavy. Not strong, but maybe because I prefer flowery scent so I don't like that kind of scent. 

Result : 
Love it. I can see the difference between regularly using this product and not. My hair become tidy and shiny. 

What I like : 
- Work as it claims.

What I don't like : 
- Sticky.
- Expensive.
- The scent. 

Price : Around IDR 60,000 - 75,000 (USD 5-6) for 100 ml.
Repurchase : Maybe. 
Score : 9/10


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