[Review] Viva Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic Lemon

Hi Guys, now this is my holy grail cleanser. I've used this duo cleanser since I was junior high school. They're Viva Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic Lemon. Viva is a cosmetic brand from Indonesia. Viva has many variants, like lemon, cucumber, spirulina, yam bean, etc. In the past, I used Viva cucumber for oily skin. Now, I usually use spirulina variant for dry skin. Sadly, a few weeks ago, I had some acne, so I change my cleanser into lemon variant. 

 The packaging of Viva Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic

As you can see, the packages are quite simple. They have same packaging. The different is on the content. They're from plastic and very travel friendly. 

 The ingredients

How to use :
First, apply Viva milk cleanser  on your face and neck, make a slight massage. Second, wet cotton with Viva face tonic, apply evenly on face and neck.

The consistency of Viva Milk Cleanser is like cream but more runny. Yeah, it's like thick milk. The face tonic has consistency like water. Both color are light yellow.  Like the color of lemon.

Viva Milk Cleanser and Face Tonic

Result :
I like two ways make up cleanser. It makes my face cleaner than one way cleaner. I usually use them after i put many make up today. Usually, after I use them, I see many dirt on the cotton. It proves that this product works well.

 Its face tonic contain ethanol, but I'm okay with this. Sometimes, when my face too dry, I use my another cleanser (cleanser express) to avoid this alcohol. But, if I have acne or my skin become oily, I use this product.

What I like : 
- Cheap (Each is around IDR 5,000 or USD 0.5).
- Clean my face more thoroughly.

What I don't like : 
- Contains alcohol.

Recommended : 
Yes, If you have acne and oily skin. 

Repurchase : 
Yes. I use this if I have acne on my face. 
If you want to buy and there's no shop sell this product, you can go to www.vivacosmetic.com
and they also sell their products online.

Score : 


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