[Review] Mustika Ratu Coffe and Papaya Body Scrub

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Today is my favourite product. Yes, they are body scrub. They are from same brand, Mustika Ratu but different in variant. They're Mustika Ratu Coffe and Papaya Body Scrub. 

Mustika Ratu Coffe and Papaya Body Scrub

Both of the products are in jar contain 200 gram body scrub. Besides body scrub, each variant also has body butter, soap, etc. It has plastic sealed the product, so don't worry, this product is hygienic. Mustika Ratu claims that their body scrub use natural scrub granules.

The products

The Coffe-Body Scrub claims that Coffe Extract contains caffeine as anti oxidant that have beneficial properties for the skin. This Coffe-Body Scrub will help you get silky smooth skin and maintain your skin's firmness. 

Ingredients of Mustika Ratu Coffe-Body Scrub

The Papaya-Body Scrub has Papaya Extract and Vitamin C & E that has many beneficial for skin. It will help to exfoliate dead skin cells that cause dull looking skin. Leaving your skin silky smooth and looking radiant. 

Ingredients of Mustika Ratu Papaya- Body Scrub

Consistency of the products are cream with some granules. The granules help to remove dirt and leaving skin smooth. The Coffee variant has brown color and coffee fragrance. I really like this fragrance. The Papaya variant has orange color and fruity fragrance. 

The consistency of both products.

How to use : 
Gently rub scrub onto entire body in a circular motion while skin is in dry condition, and rinse well. 
Use scrub twice a week.

Result : 
For the effect, I like both. Yes, both are great to remove dirt and dead cells from my skin. But, because I like coffee, I prefer the Coffee variant. Actually, the Papaya fragrance is also good, but I like Coffee more. It is just personal preference. 

What I like : 
- They work well.
- The coffee fragrance is super good.

What I don't like : 
-Quite pricey (Around IDR 40,000).

Recommended :Yes, absolutely.

Score : 
9.5/10 for Coffee variant.
9/10 for Papaya variants.


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