[Review] Garnier Duo Clean Whitening and Smoothening

Product that I want to review today is really happening a year before. Why I just review it tight now? That is because last year I have several problems with my skin. So now, after some problems are cured, I try some face wash for my normal/sensitive/dry skin. (Ouch, jut remember that I still have some skin problems. :( ). 

Garnier Duo Clean Whitening and Smoothening Face Wash

Garnier Duo Clean has 3 variants and I alrady reviewed another one here. The packaging is similar. It is in tube. The different is just the color. This whitening and smoothening variant has purple color.

It says that it contains grape extract and lychee essence for antioxidant and anti dullness. It clearness the skin deeply, giving you smoother and fairer skin. 

Its ingredients.

The texture is quite similar with other variants. It's cream with slightly purple color. I like the scent. It smells like flower or fruit. 

Its consistency.

 Direction : 
Gently massage on wet face. Rinse with water. Avoid eye area. 

Result :
It clean my face and give smooth effect on my face. I don't see the whitening effect. It is also mild for my skin. Also love the scent.

What I like : 
- Its smoothing effect.
- Its scent.

What I don't like : 
- The whitening effect doesn't work on me. 

Price : IDR 15,000 (around USD 1.2) for 45ml.
Repurchase : No.
Score : 8/10


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