[Review] Maybelline Clear Smooth Original Presses Powder

Hello fellas, 

I know, I know that already know this product, but I still want to review this product because I like it. What's an egoistic reason is it! 

 Maybelline Clear Smooth Original Pressed Powder

It says that this product gives you lasting oil control, shine free, silky smooth, and natural finish. It contains SPF 20 and PA+++. Its UV protections are quite enough for me who live in Indonesia. It also says that this product is oil free, won't clog pores, fragrance free, and gentle on skin. 

 Its puff

 The packaging is similar with other compact powder. It has blue/green colour. It puff is quite smooth and I love this kind of puff. 

Its ingredients

For this compact powder, I chose shade Honey. I hope it suits my NC 35 skin. The result, yes, it is too dark for my skin actually, but it is better than shade natural which is too pinkish for me. Shade Honey is warm colour for yellow tone skin. It is not really suit my skin tone, but I find it okay. As long as I haven't found the best shade, I can use this shade. 

 Honey and Natural Shade

Result : 
For now, I use this powder daily. I like using pressed powder because it is easy for touch up. I like the shade. Yes, it doesn't clog my pores. For oil control, I don't really know because I have dry skin. This powder can last for around 5 hours on my dry skin. No oxidize also.

What I like : 
- It's smooth and doesn't give 'too matte' effect. 
- Its UV protections.

What I don't like : 
- Tricky to find best shade for me. 

Price :  
IDR 35,000 (around USD 2) for 9g. 

Repurchase : Maybe.
Score :  8.5/10


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